Phase One Consultants

Phase One Consultants is a Federal Environmental Protection Agency Accredited and State of Tennessee Accredited Lead Hazard Safety Trainer Provider located in middle Tennessee.

Our mission is to provide quality environmental training during times and dates that meet clients professional needs.

Phase One Consultants provides specialized training in EPA Renovation & Remodeling certification, Lead Abatement, Occupational Safety& Health, Project Design, Inspection and Risk Management.

Our staff has over 40 years of government and private sector experience. We have assisted many Tennessee business with compliance and enforcement issues with State & local governments.

Phase One Consultants now offers the convenience of registering and paying for classes on line through all major credit cards and through Pay Pal!!!

Just go to Registration tab or to EPA Remodeling tab to register for classes!


About Us

Our company began as a project between former government employees who wanted to achieve their career potential and goals by providing consulting services to businesses needing experienced professionals that could assist them with their government relations and environmental training needs. Our professionals have the advantage of being former government sector employees and know what the system is wanting from companies. We have individuals that have worked in OSHA compliance and enforcement, Army Corp Engineers, lead inspectors and trainers in many areas of general industry. We pride ourselves in training and representing companies professionally in government and private issues. Not many companies have this edge. Collectively, we have over 40 years experience in the public sector.

Phase One Consultants, LLC

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NashvilleTN 37208
United States

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